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4th Jun 2013, 6:43 PM in EATEN Advisories
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Dr Apocalypto 4th Jun 2013, 7:06 PM edit delete
Dr Apocalypto
So, my wifey and our girls played some Dungeon World last night and we had a ton of fun. In short, Dungeon World is a heavily story-driven version of a role playing game like DnD. The girls picked to be a Wizard (mom), a Druid of the Open Seas (Pippi) and a Ranger (Jasmine). We introduced our characters, Jazz explained that her savage and tireless hawk didn't really like Momma's Wizard and we were ready to go.

They started out in a tavern, ripped from its foundations by a giant beanstalk soaring skyward and the establishment disintegrated around them. Pippi didn't sweat it: she casually turned into a Seagull and left. The other two calmly rode the vine to the top and tried to step onto the floating island awaiting them, though Momma needed some help from an angry hawk to get there.

Finally, after making camp and eating someone else's sheep, the girls got in a fight with three marauding giants. Momma kept trying to talk them down, right as the giants were trying to chew on her head. Jasmine shot 'em up and Pippi turned in a seagull, flew over the giants and turned into a whale, crushing one. In the end, though, they were captured and placed in the giants kitchen, awaiting savory doom.

They can't wait to play next week!
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