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A guide for surviving and thriving the end(s) of the world(s)


by Dr Apocalypto

Back to our regular schedule...

If you are one of the four people who regularly checks my page, thank you!

Now that I have uploaded my backlog of signs and comics, I will fall into my regular schedule, that is, posting a new graphic or comic every Tuesday and Saturday. I will also occassionally post some of my other stuff in here too, but unless it fits the format of the comic, it will be presented as a blog entry, comment or extra page.

Please rate my comics and leave some comments. I would love to hear from you!

by Dr Apocalypto

Hello to Comic Fury

Hello and welcome to my webcomic to anyone who search/ stumbles/ winds up here. It's a guide to surviving the end(s) of the world(s), as needed. In it you will find all sorts of useful or brilliant insights, such as how to really amputate your own arms, the correct position to assume while being abducted by aliens, or even some insights into the current reptillan civil rights crisis.

For a while, I will be updating almost daily as I transfer my existing webpage over to this site in full. After that, I will continue to maintain my pace of 2 comics a week (Tuesdays and Saturdays) that I have become so famous wth seven people for.

To anyone coming here from my former site: I will maintain that site for some time, while I eveluate how well my comic works at Comic Fury and decide how I want to proceed, but in a nutshell: I am an amatuer at best when it comes to managing a website and the comic has been suffering for it. My intention is to see if this solution works a little better and lets me focus more on the content and less on the HTML. Please me know what you think here in my comments sections.