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Shirts and Whatnot

by Dr Apocalypto on 29th Dec 2012, 6:56 PM

I had a request for some T-Shirts.

I had thought about it before (who wouldn't love to do what they like as a merchandising enterprise instead of just a hobby?) but had dismissed the notion. It feels like tremendous arrogance to put up shirts with my stuff on them and sell them for more than I pay for shirts. However, cafepress gives me an option I wouldn't have without them, as the set up and inventory options are much better than what I can afford. So, I have put up some of the designs on their site at this location at no markup: I would honestly just love to see one of my designs on someone's back in the real world, as though my digital world had somehow spilled directly onto the street. If you like what you see, wear my shirts and spread the love.

Ingress - 1st Entry

by Dr Apocalypto on 22nd Dec 2012, 4:35 AM

I started playing Ingress a few days ago, when a friend got me an invite. Safe to say: it has changed me, at least for the moment. There are a lot of fun/ scary/ brilliant things converging here, and anyone who knows me knows that I am a Google fanboy anyway, but the game has a lot going for it in a lot of different ways. For a while, I am going to use this otherwise-thus-far-ignored blogspace to talk about some of my experiences with it (and whatever else comes up).

The biggest thing I get from Ingress so far is an enhanced sense of wonder at the world around me. That sounds, well, how it sounds, but it's true: Ingress makes me look at people and places differently. As I walk around, shop, work, eat lunch or whatever, I find myself looking at people on their phones and wondering: are they one of us or even one of them? I look at statues, monuments and state buildings now as I never have. Sure, first I pull out my phone to check to see if there is a portal there. But then, invariably, I look for a plaquard or information on the internet to give context to this thing someone else has told me (through the game) has value. Then, and here's the kicker, then I look at places that aren't in the game and wonder if they should be. But to make that distiction before I suggest a new portal location to Google, I feel a burden to know this place. So I find myself wandering into mosques and Catholic cemetaries on my lunch break, looking for the homeless people from the night before on my evening "patrols," or eating at an archaic hotdog shop nestled between much more modern buildings in the hopes of gleening historical information from its owner as they serve me unwittlingly.

Is this all just an elaborate and brilliant data mining operation on the part of Google? Maybe. Maybe not. Right now they have a waiting list of people three weeks long begging to join this "game" and start plotting out and describing features of the real world on Google's maps. I used to get paid a lot of money by and oil company to do just that, but Google has made it into a priviledge and a competitive game. But it doesn't matter: I see the world differently than I have in long time. I'm in.

PS- I play on the Resistance side as "Ubersnail." Look me up if you get in and are in the SF East Bay area.

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Back to our regular schedule...

by Dr Apocalypto on 11th Sep 2012, 9:28 PM

If you are one of the four people who regularly checks my page, thank you!

Now that I have uploaded my backlog of signs and comics, I will fall into my regular schedule, that is, posting a new graphic or comic every Tuesday and Saturday. I will also occassionally post some of my other stuff in here too, but unless it fits the format of the comic, it will be presented as a blog entry, comment or extra page.

Please rate my comics and leave some comments. I would love to hear from you!

Hello to Comic Fury

by Dr Apocalypto on 22nd Jul 2012, 4:14 PM

Hello and welcome to my webcomic to anyone who search/ stumbles/ winds up here. It's a guide to surviving the end(s) of the world(s), as needed. In it you will find all sorts of useful or brilliant insights, such as how to really amputate your own arms, the correct position to assume while being abducted by aliens, or even some insights into the current reptillan civil rights crisis.

For a while, I will be updating almost daily as I transfer my existing webpage over to this site in full. After that, I will continue to maintain my pace of 2 comics a week (Tuesdays and Saturdays) that I have become so famous wth seven people for.

To anyone coming here from my former site: I will maintain that site for some time, while I eveluate how well my comic works at Comic Fury and decide how I want to proceed, but in a nutshell: I am an amatuer at best when it comes to managing a website and the comic has been suffering for it. My intention is to see if this solution works a little better and lets me focus more on the content and less on the HTML. Please me know what you think here in my comments sections.